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dr nicholas perricone Dr. Nicholas PerriconeWho is Dr. Nicholas Perricone? If you have heard this name mentioned by several well-known celebrities as well as come across it on Vanity Fair, Harper Bazaar then you would probably be wondering what it is about the good doctor and why many recommend Dr. Perricone’s skin care line.

Dr. Perricone is a world renowned anti-aging expert as well as a board certified dermatologist and the author of three New York Times # 1 Best Sellers including – The Perricone Promise, The Perricone Prescription and The Perricone Weight Loss Diet. Dr. Perricone is also called as the Father of Inflammation Theory of Aging.

Inflammation Theory of Aging

According to Dr. Perricone, inflammation in the cell level contributes to aging skin as well as other skin and health related problems. The inflammation is said to be triggered with external and internal factors such as low immune system in the body and improper diet or lifestyle. In order to minimize the inflammation and address aging, one needs to control the inflammation.

Dr. Perricone designed his three-tiered program, which includes undergoing anti-inflammatory diet, boosting health through taking nutritional supplements and using the right skincare products. The three-tiered program includes:

Tier One

  • Eating foods rich in protein including fish, poultry, tofu, shellfish
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables, oatmeal, beans and lentils
  • Eating foods rich in healthy fats such as salmon, nuts, seeds etc.
  • Drinking pure spring water 8 – 10 glasses everyday
  • Drinking anti-oxidant beverages such as tea, green tea.

Tier Two

  • Taking in vitamins and minerals rich in anti-oxidant properties
  • Taking in Vitamin C for skin protection
  • Omega 3 essential fatty acids
  • Carnosine
  • Coenyzme Q-10
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Astaxanthin

Tier Three

  • Using the proper skincare product

Dr. Perricone also recommended going on different diets that would address the problem one has with aging. The diet comes in 28 days, 3 day quick face fix, metabolic diet and the 3-day skin clear diet.

Perricone Skin Care Products

Perricone skin care products are divided into different Active Science. The Active Science includes Perricone’s patented key ingredients that is said to help prevent sagging skin, improve skin tone and provide one with a younger looking skin.

Alpha Lipoic acid helps improve skin protection by blocking toxins and improving skin resilience and texture. The ingredient also minimizes large pores for a flawless looking skin.

DMAE is another key ingredient that is present in most of Perricone’s skin care products. The DMAE helps improve the facial contours, firm up sagging skin, and reduce wrinkles.

Phospholipid on the other hand is a member of the lipid family that helps smooth stressed and dehydrated skin. The ingredient also helps nourish the skin to prevent and address future aging problems such as wrinkles and fine lines.

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