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large pores Clinique Pore MinimizerDo you know that your skin sheds dead skin cells every minute? It is estimated that a human being loses about 30,000+ dead cells every minute and the skin renews itself every 28 days.

However, as we grow old, these become less frequent, therefore, one would see fine lines and age spots appearing in one’s face. Another part of our skin that is also affected is our skin pores.

As we age, skin pores enlarge resulting in clogged pores.  Aging is not only the cause of enlarged pores as damages from the sun, picking on pimples and flatten dehydrated skin cells can also cause pores to become bigger. Having large pores can nevertheless be prevented by having a daily skin care regimen as well as using pore minimizer products such as Clinique Pore Minimizer.

Can Clinique Pore Minimizer products make your skin pores smaller? According to customer reviews in Clinique’s official site:

“51 of 61 (84%) customers would recommend Pore Refining Solutions Correcting Serum and

48 of 67 (72%) customers would recommend Pore Refining Solutions Instant Perfector to their friends.”

Why Clinique Pore Minimizer


clinique pore minimizer instant perfector Clinique Pore MinimizerWith so many pore minimizing products available in the market today, how can you be sure that the product fits what your skin needs?

Aside from customer reviews, it is important to note the ingredients of the product as well as its skin type compatibility. Clinique’s Instant Perfector and Correcting Serum works perfectly for all skin types and is also lightweight so people who wear it won’t feel pore minimizer correcting serum Clinique Pore Minimizer

The Perfector when applied brings about a more natural and flawless look that lasts up to 8 hours. It also comes in 3 shades – Invisible bright, light and deep.

The Correcting Serum, on the other hand, works by gently removing the rough flakes and dirt and makes pores look 58% smaller than before. To use the serum, it is recommended that you use the product at least twice a day after cleansing your face.

What people have to say about the Correcting Serum:

Melissa Niksic – - I usually do not concern myself too much with my pores, because let’s face it, women have enough skin issues to worry about as it is. However, I love Clinique products, and I recently received a free sample of this serum. I was amazed at the results. As soon as I applied it, I noticed a major different in my complexion, in that it appeared to be practically poreless! Unbelievable. The price is a bit steep for a 1 oz. bottle, and I am not sure I will repurchase just for that reason, but the product itself is awesome and it really works.

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With so many skin care products being sold in the market today, it is no longer advisable to do a trial and error as your skin depends on you. As you age, your skin becomes more sensitive to internal and external factors.

With this in mind, Clinique’s attention to formulation and quality standard for all countries and constant updating makes their products one of the best in the skin care industry. If you want to have a beautiful and smoother skin and have the means to do so, why not try one now? Your skin would surely thank you for it.


Our recommendation: Before you decide to buy Clinique Pore Minimizer, read the reviews of real consumers.

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