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“Can anti aging skin care work in turning back the hands of time?”

As we grow old, our skin begins to sag and wrinkles appear in our face and neck. This is due to the slowdown of collagen and elastin production. Elastin is responsible for the elasticity of the skin whereas collagen helps our skin to remain supple.

As our skin is constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions and unhealthy lifestyle, the abuse on our skin causes the once rosy smooth baby skin to turn into dry, yellowish pale complexion and sagging skin.

With this in mind, the boom on anti aging skin care products increases every year especially now that more than half of the world’s population is growing old.

Types of Aging Skin

Aged Skin Before and After 03 03 2012 22.58.37 300x200 Anti Aging Skin CareThere are basically two types of skin aging based on environmental or external factors and intrinsic aging.

External factors that affect the skin aging process are environmental factors such as pollution, heat, gravity, poor eating habits, alcohol, smoking, stress, lack of exercise, as well as not drinking enough water.

Intrinsic aging, on the other hand, deals with the natural aging process that we undergo and is already in our genes, thus unavoidable.

Preventing Premature Aging with Anti Aging Skin Care

Premature aging, fine lines, sagging and thinning skin, wrinkles as well as uneven skin pigmentation are only some of the skin problems that we battle as we grow old. One way of preventing aging is through non-invasive treatments such as anti-aging skin care. Depending on your skin type, anti-aging creams work differently for each type.

Oil Of Olay Regenerist 03 01 2012 15.39.03 300x252 Anti Aging Skin CareMany of the anti aging skin care helps boost the production of collagen and elastin of the skin. The boosting, as some anti-aging cream claims, helps awaken dormant skin cells to produce new skin cells which replace the old dead cells.

If you haven’t reached the age of 40 yet, it is best to use moisturizers as well as take vitamin C to boost the anti-oxidants in your body. (Check out the Oil of Olay coupons page to get an exclusive preview and promo from us! )

Sticking to a particular brand is also recommended if it works for you, as switching from one brand to another might irritate and do more harm to your skin than good. Olay Regenerist is one of the popular anti aging skin care products currently sold in the market today.

Last but not the least, taking care of your skin should not only include the use of anti aging skin care products but should also include having a healthy habit. These include getting enough sleep, having a healthy diet as well as taking vitamins and supplements to boost one’s natural immune system.

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Prevention Anti Aging Skin Care

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